Villages near Barpak, Gorkha after Earthquake

Barpak, the name that has become well known to the people all over the world, is the epicenter of the calamitous earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25, 2015. This earthquake which finished all the infrastructure and killed many human lives within seconds in Barpak and its nearby villages namely Muchchok, Simjunj, Ghyachok, Laprak, Saurpani. These villages from Gorkha district lack transportation facilities and telecommunication towers are also down. A lot of damage has occurred and basic needs of living are not fulfilled. We could hardly see any house upright there.

I along with few of my friends reached Muchchok of Gorkha. As the village is very near to Barpak, the effect was so high that not a single house is suitable for living. All the villagers are living outside in tents which is making their life so difficult especially when wind blows hard and there is rain. So it is very hard to maintain proper sanitation making them prone to several diseases.

Food grains got almost completely destroyed making them dependent on noodles, biscuits and other relief materials. The food grains and rice provided has not reach to these remote villages. Villagers need to walk around 6-10 hours to collect these relief materials. They are not interested in collecting these items as they get very less of these items and there is lack of manpower in their home.

We talked with one of the teacher of the village. This is what he has to say about earthquake and its impacts on life.

It’s a high time to try managing all the basic stuffs needed so that people bounce back to their normal life as soon as possible.


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  1. SS says:

    Gokul and friends well done, you make us proud!

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