EarthQuake impacts around Kathmandu and Lalitpur

It has been 12 days today of the massive earthquake and I am in Kathmandu. Kathmandu including Lalitpur and Bhaktapur has become almost empty these days, with very less people and vehicles on the road. Few days back i could hear around 3 lakhs people leaving Kathmandu daily.

The city is a hub for almost everything. Many of government offices, embassies, NGOs, ING-Os, agencies and also industry are centralized to Kathmandu. There by making it so much crowded.

Images from different places of Kathmandu and Lalitpur.

Most of the houses have been destroyed and even more houses are cracked. Even a minor earthquake can make them fall. There are lot of such cracked houses now. With these condition, its very risky to stay in such house. Most of the people that have returned back to villages stay in rented house. People have returned back either because their houses in villages have fallen down, or the houses they were living in Kathmandu are cracked and its risky. Also, many of places in city is stinging and there are chances of being ill. Lack of water and other food supplies being expensive in Kathmandu can be the other reason. Also offices, schools and other organizations are not functional for few weeks.

But they will have to soon return back as offices, schools resumes. But i wonder, will there be enough houses for people to stay safely. This trauma of houses rotating around them and this earthquake is going to last long.


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