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Function Vs Stored Procedure

Difference between Function and Stored Procedure Functions Compiled and executed at Run time. Can not affect the Database state. i.e Can not perform insert,delete and update operation. Can return 1 value which is mandatory. Can have Input parameters only. Function … Continue reading

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Populate days dropdownlist for selected month and year using javascript

In this article, i have described how we can populate number of days in day dropdownlist using javascript for the selected month and year. When we change the the month and year, the values in the days drop down will … Continue reading

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JQuery Ajax Example

Following is a code sample to make a ajax call using jquery. In default.aspx page //Include Jquery library <input type=”button” id=”fetchData” onclick=”return getData();” /> <script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript”> function getData() { var request = $.ajax({ url: “my-ajax-page.aspx”, type: “GET”, dataType: “html” … Continue reading

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validate email id, input only numbers, alphabets or alphanumeric characters

Refer to jquery code below to validate numeric, alphabets, alphanumeric and validate email id fields. Function below allows users to enter only numeric values in textbox. Regular expression is used to check if the input character is numeric or not. … Continue reading

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Split DataTable into multiple tables

Consider a DataTable with a column name salary, following code splits the DataTable on the basis of values in salary column, i.e all the rows in DataTable with same salary will come into one DataTable. DataTable dt= new DataTable(); dt … Continue reading

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Events and ASP.Net

ASP.Net is an event-driven programming and responds to events through its predefined event handlers. When events are raised it must be handled. In ASP.NET, objects may raise events and may have assigned event handlers. For example, a button may raise … Continue reading

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Microsoft Enterprise Library for Database

What is EnterPrise Library? Microsoft Enterprise Library is a collection of reusable application blocks designed to assist software developers with common enterprise development challenges. It includes: Data Access Application Block Cryptography Application Block Caching Application Block Exception Handling Application Block … Continue reading

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Implement ICallbackEventHandler Example

In this article, I have tried to explain an alternate way of achieving the AJAX functionality using ICallBackEventHandler. Many of the times we must have used core AJAX to partially update the page content. Using UpdatePanel can be another approach … Continue reading

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